COVID19 Holding page - updated 5/4/21

While some pubs and all festivals are still unable to fully function, we are supplying beer direct to customers in RG postcodes only. Beer is available in bags-in-boxes, which keep the beer fresh for at least a week. Delivery at weekends (usually Saturday) only. Please do not turn up at the farm!

9-pint box £18 (IPA £21)
18-pint box £35 (IPA £40)
(both sizes include delivery)

For more details, please email

See facebook for latest news


Beers currently available

TBA 3.9%
Rich copper best bitter

Motueka 4.3%
Golden Single-hop

Christmas Porter 5.4%


Pioneer Stout 5%

See Beers page for pump clip art and further details


Sherfield Village Brewery started brewing in May 2011, using a five-barrel plant. We're based on a farm in the North Hampshire village of Sherfield on Loddon. As well as a range of traditional British bitters and stouts, we also make extensive use of New World hops, particularly the heavily floral and citrus-loaded New Zealand hops such as Green Bullet, Motueka and Pacific Jade. We're small, which means we're flexible as regards delivery times - by sticking to a local area for direct deliveries we're able to deliver quickly - usually within a couple of days. We are on SIBA's DDS list, so available to Enterprise, Admiral and other group pubs. SVB is a few miles north of Basingstoke and just ten miles south of Reading. Note that all our beer is supplied to the pub trade and to festivals in plastic 9-gallon firkins. Note that all our beers are now unfined, so vegan-friendly.